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Additional FIR airspace type

We will apply a minor update to our airspace format in the next days. A new airspace type called FIR will be added to make handling of flight information regions in applications easier.

Problems with spatial backend database

Hi all!

Currently we are having problems with our spatial backend. We are working hard to fix this and it will be back shortly.


the openAIP team

Cumulus release live!

We are proud to announce our first major release of openAIP named 'cumulus'. This release contains a lot of bug fixes and implemented feature requests.

Hotspot condition details update

We have added a new field to the hotspot content type. Now, conditions like daytime and wind direction can be set to be "required" for this specific hotspot to work.

Picture uploads enabled...

We have enabled the image upload to the openAIP. Authenticated users are now allowed to upload and attach an image to an already existing airport.

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