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Nearest airports

Title ICAO code Frequency Distance View
apt Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
NIEDERRHEIN EDLV 129.405 MHz 2.14 km view
af_civil Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
GOCH-ASPERDEN EDLG 118.455 MHz 10.99 km view
heli_civil Created with Sketch ( H
KALKAR 20.86 km view
gliding Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
VENRAY/DE PEEL EHDP 123.355 MHz 23.91 km view
ad_closed Created with Sketch (

Nearest navaids

Title ID Frequency/Channel Declination Range Distance View
navaid_ndb Created with Sketch (
LIMA LMA 311.000 2.07° 15 km 29.96 km view
navaid_tacan Created with Sketch (
VOLKEL VKL CH020X 0.92° 100 km 32.81 km view
navaid_vor Created with Sketch (
MOENCHENGLADBACH MHV 109.800 0.95° 40 km 46.17 km view
navaid_vordme Created with Sketch (
DUESSELDORF DUS 115.150 CH98Y 1.03° 40 km 53.73 km view
navaid_tacan Created with Sketch (
DEELEN DLN CH59X 0.92° 40 km 54.75 km view
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