Airport approved

This airport revision has been approved and is included in the airport files on the downloads page.

40 m MSL
Sunrise: 03:10 UTC
Sunset: 19:54 UTC
52°12'56" N 06°53'29" E
Netherlands (NL)
Heliport Civil







Nearest airports

Title ICAO code Frequency Distance View
af_civil Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
TWENTHE EHTW 119.955 MHz 6.71 km view
heli_civil Created with Sketch ( H
AHAUS 17.69 km view
light_aircraft Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
METELEN 120.975 MHz 24.67 km view
af_civil Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
STADTLOHN-VREDEN EDLS 119.205 MHz 24.69 km view
heli_civil Created with Sketch ( H
NORDHORN 26.94 km view

Nearest navaids

Title ID Frequency/Channel Declination Range Distance View
navaid_dme Created with Sketch (
REKKEN RKN 116.800 CH115X 1.24° 80 km 12.64 km view
navaid_vordme Created with Sketch (
HAMM HMM 115.650 CH103Y 1.31° 40 km 68.81 km view
navaid_ndb Created with Sketch (
BOTTROP BOT 406.500 2.22° 15 km 70.64 km view
navaid_tacan Created with Sketch (
DEELEN DLN CH59X 0.92° 40 km 71.94 km view
navaid_ndb Created with Sketch (
NIEDERRHEIN LAA 352.000 1.42° 23 km 84.32 km view

Nearest hotspots

Title Type Occurrence Distance View
hotspot_high Created with Sketch (
Holterberg natural irregular interval 33.15 km view
hotspot_high Created with Sketch (
Lingen nuclear power plant artificial irregular interval 41.21 km view
hotspot_v_high Created with Sketch (
Terlet AIRPORT and heath area natural irregular interval 67.41 km view
hotspot_fair Created with Sketch (
Scholven Powerplant artificial nearly constant 68.7 km view
hotspot_poor Created with Sketch (
Kraftwerk Voerde artificial irregular interval 72.31 km view
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